Top paying jobs in the gas and oil industry

Are you interested in working in the gas and oil industry? This is one of the most lucrative industries. There has been a sharp increase in the oil production field over the last few decades leading to a shortage of specialized and skilled labour. Unfortunately, this is a demanding field that requires individuals to have specific skills most of which are acquired through experience. Gas and oil professionals are required to follow the revolution, trend as well as the technological breakthroughs in this industry. You can easily get a good job in this field if you are experienced. The following are the main areas that you should consider if you desire a well-paying career in the gas and oil industry.

Drilling engineers/driller/and geoscientists

More gas and oil is being discovered in different parts of the world like in EastĀ Africa. Again there is an aggressive exploration of this important mineral due to the high demand. This has greatly increased demand for geoscientists (geophysicists and geologists). These specialists are helpful in the initial stages of oil exploration once oil or gas has been discovered. On the other hand, drillers or drilling engineers are involved in the drilling operations- production and exploration. There is a high shortage of these professionals worldwide.

Subsea engineers/ piping engineers/ completions engineers

All these professionals are involved in deepwater operations (both offshore gas and oil production). Individuals having a deep sea experience have been in high demand due to the increased oil and gas exploration in the sea. Subsea engineers are mainly involved in the design, implementation and marinating tools eqi0pment sand structures used in underwater operations. On the other hand, pipeline engineers are involved in the design and maintaining the subsea pipeline in the offshore fields. Completions or subsurface engineers ensure that production and exploration of both oil and gas are done at the appropriate level from the gas/oil wells.

Marine engineers/specialists

These specialists are very important in this industry. Marine professionals are needed in offshore gas and oil operations where there is a constant use of boats and marine vessels for transportation and supply of crude oil, food, liquefied gas, equipment e.t.c. In addition to that, there are floating vessels used in deep water fields are operated by individuals with specialized skills such as marine professionals. The stability of these vessels should always be maintained on the sea.

Offshore maintenance technicians

They technicians include electrical, instrumentation and mechanical technicians working in production and rig platforms. The demand for these professionals is high globally.