The values of tzedakah (righteous giving) and g’milut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) are central within Judaism and are a component of the school’s curriculum which you can model for our students. When you become involved with MJDS, you are joining a community where all members give generously in a variety of ways. Your contributions of time and money to our school help all of our children grow and learn. Community involvement was noted as one of the factors in our choice as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education in 1998-99. We encourage all parents and community members to give generously of their time, spirit and financial resources, not only for the benefit of our children, but also for the pleasure it will bring you to be involved.

Throughout the year, the Parents’ Association raises money to provide programming, as well as for specific budget requests of the school. We make every effort to coordinate our efforts for your benefit.

Each year we ask parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff, and community members to make a financial contribution to the Annual Fund. Our school relies on tax-deductible contributions to the Annual Fund to bridge the gap between tuition charged and the actual cost of each child’s education. These dollars help provide our students with the fundamental resources they need for success: a dedicated and professional staff, availability of resources both in the classroom and for teachers, and a safe and adequate facility. MJDS continues to rely on Annual Fund donations, in combination with the Minneapolis Jewish Federation allocation, to ensure these resources are available and to maintain a healthy position.

MJDS sponsors a community event each spring to celebrate and educate about, as well as build support for, our school. This event raises the profile of MDJS within the Jewish community, as well as bringing together families, friends, and supporters for an evening of fun. Proceeds help enhance yearly programming such as Language and Literature or Physical Education, and new or expanded programs not funded in the operating budget.

This year, our event will be held Sunday, April 1, 2001. Watch here for more information as we approach this date!

MJDS has a number of endowments that were established by individuals who wished to ensure the continued availability and quality of an MJDS education. An endowment is a fund in which principal is held permanently, and interest is used annually by MJDS.

You can support MJDS endowments in two ways:

by sending cards “in honor” or “in memory” of a loved one for special occasions and life cycle events (a minimum contribution of $5 per card is requested) or
by making a major gift to establish a fund. An endowment can be named to honor an individual or couple, or may be established anonymously. Funds can be restricted to support specific programs or interest areas, or left unrestricted to be used where the school most needs it in a given year.
At this time, we are unable to guarantee the security of our website, therefore we do not accept gifts online. If you have any questions regarding any of these programs or giving to MJDS, please contact Development and Marketing Director Wendy Moylan at or (952) 381-3500.