Mass Force and Acceleration

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body remains at rest or in uniform motion unless an external force acts on it. This law is commonly referred to Inertia. What happens when an external force acts on a body is described by the second law of Newton. Of the mass of the body is constant, the force applied on a body is a product of its mass and the acceleration produced.

Mathematical Equation of Newton’s Second Law

The acceleration formula with force and mass can be expressed mathematically. The mathematical form for Newton’s second law is written as F=ma, where m is the mass of the body, a is the acceleration produced while F is the force applied on the body. This means that a=F/m, an increase on force produce an increase in the acceleration. In other words, acceleration is directly proportional to the net force applied on a body. For instance, acceleration will be doubled once the force of doubled.

On the other hand, an increase in the mass leads to a decrease in the acceleration. For instance, the acceleration is halved once the mass is doubled. This means that acceleration is inversely proportional to the weight of a body. In most cases, this force is applied for a short time, producing what is known as impulse. This can either change the direction of a moving boy or increase its speed.

Worked Example

Suppose an acceleration of 3m/s2 is produced on a body of mass 5 kg, calculate the amount of force applied on it.
Recall that F=ma, F= 5kg X 3m/s2
= 15N…

Reasons for Taking Management Leadership Courses

Management and leadership are terms that are normally used, but they are both critical to succeeding in business. Being a manager and being a leader go hand in hand. A management leadership course can be taught differently through one-on-one coaching, group workshop or online. Whichever you select to suit you, below are the benefits of management leadership courses.

Engage Others

company management

Good leaders need to know how to engage other employees at work. One way of doing this is giving constructive feedback. Leadership and management training will teach you how to do this. About 43 percent of highly engaged employees receive feedback once a week. Good leadership is all about understanding your team on an emotional level.

Become an Effective Leader

One of the reasons you will opt for a leadership and management course is to become a more effective leader in your workplace. There are various leadership styles, and professional training will teach you ways of implementing the best one within your business. For instance, you will want to approach your role as a leader in a manner that your colleagues will respond.

Learn Transferable Skills

Leadership is more than knowing how to make the right decisions. Management leadership training will give you an idea of some transferable skills that you will require to succeed such as effective communication skills, encouraging teamwork and influencing others. Such a course also needs to encourage a certain level of introspection whereby you can identify yourself which skills you believe you should improve.

Improve your Decision Making

making decisionManagement leadership training also gives you an idea about the worst mistakes you could make as an employer. By learning from example, you will, therefore, make better decisions. Such a course will also teach you how to overcome anything which may go wrong at your workplace that could undermine your position as well as how to approach challenges from a different perspective to combat issues better.

Develop Career

In any situation, one way of progressing is to add to your skillsets. By undertaking such a course, you will show commitment to your career and your initiative on how much you want to develop. This is bound to work in your favor in due course as it will leave you with a clear view of the changes you need to make in your business for the best outcome.

Management Leadership Online Courses are viable for most people. You can get these courses for any level that will help you achieve better results in your organization, focusing on the objectives of the company as well as individual needs.…

coworking space

What to Look for in Coworking Spaces

Today coworking is a developing trend in the world of business. There are a lot of companies that are embracing this trend worldwide. If you have a startup business and you want to reduce the overhead cost, or you are looking for an innovative environment then a coworking space is ideal for you. Below are some of the features they should offer.


office space with cabinetsSecurity may imply different things. First, take a good look at the building where you will work. Check that it is manned and has key cards for accessing the building so that not anyone can walk in. Also look at the security options within the office. Check that there are locked filing cabinets and that there is a place for storing your things when you go out for lunch.

Finally look beyond the physical security options and consider virtual security options. Check that the network is secure and the WiFi password is protected. You will be sharing the network with various organizations, so you need secure protection.


Atmosphere refers to different things. It can be the physical atmosphere of the space. Check if it is open or airy. Also see if it is modern and clean or if it looks like the inside of a uniform, windowless, uninspiring office. There is also the intangible atmosphere to consider. Visit the space when people are working and see if it is a positive environment with passionate people.


Lots of coworking spaces come with additional perks like breakfast bar or gym. You need to be sure that the coworking space provides essential amenities. These include a place for making coffee, a place for rinsing dishes and a clean bathroom.

Meeting Rooms

meeting room

Most coworking spaces boast of open-concept, engaging workspaces. While this aspect of coworking is excellent for the day-to-day work, it may be a challenge when trying to conduct training sessions or meetings. Ensure you check out the private areas and the meeting rooms that the coworking space offers. Check the number of meeting rooms and if they are booked for weeks in advance. This is vital for companies with a team of employees.


Check the equipment that the coworking space have onsite. There are some office-grade printers and scanner that an office should have. Look out for the necessary equipment for hosting information sessions. This way you will know which equipment to outsource. It is also vital when assessing if the coworking space is convenient for you.

These are some of the features that the best coworking spaces provider. Such features make the work environment suitable for your business. You can visit for more on coworking spaces.…


Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

It goes without mentioning that early education plays a significant role in ascertaining the future of a person. It is for this reason why parents must meticulously choose the school where they will send their kids. Keep in mind that you will waste one year of your child’s life if you send him or her to an incompetent institution. Your decision must be based on several important factors. This post focuses on the things to consider when in search for a school for your child.

a child drawing

Know Your Options

For starters, be aware that there are different types of schools where you can send your child. The options available for you are homeschools, magnet schools, charter schools, private schools, public schools, and alternative schools. Research about each type of school to determine which one suits you best.

Location of the School

Your next course of action is to look for a school that is located near your residence. It should also be not far away from your place of work. This is especially the case if you plan to regularly fetch your child to school before going to work. Bear in mind that picking a school that is situated far away will not only cause stress to you but your child as well. Make a list of the schools near your home or office then select the best one.

Institution’s Reputation

pencilsMake an effort to find out the reputation of the school. Look for online reviews pertaining to different schools near you. The testimonials will help you come up with a conscious decision since the feedbacks were based on the firsthand experiences of other parents. You can also ask your friends or relatives for recommendations. Green Meadow Waldorf School a school in New York is one of the recommended institutions because of its excellent reputation.

Find Out The Tuition Fees

One of the most important things to take into account when looking for a school for your child is the tuition fee. You should find an institution that fits your budget. Besides the tuition fee, it is also vital to think about the additional expenses including the miscellaneous fees.

Make Sure To Visit the Chosen School

Finally, it is essential to visit the school to have a glimpse of the institution. Scrutinize their facilities to ensure that everything is child-friendly. It is also essential to put an emphasis on the security of the institution. See to it that the school has effective security protocols.

You should also talk to the faculty staff to determine whether they can be trusted to take care of your child or not. See to it that the teachers are approachable.…

working on laptop

Get Your Essays Written by Custom Writing

Do you know it is not easy to keep up with all your essay papers especially when the deadline is tight? Of course, you have to do them in good time and not lose any marks for late work. But as we know, you cannot do everything at the same and still keep up with other needs in your life. That is why essays written by Customwriting should help you score an A and still keep up with other things in your life.

But why would you trust the kind of service offered around here? Here are the things to help you make an easy decision:

You will get your work done fast

Time is not always on your side, and your essay papers must be done anyway. You need a writing service that will not only do your work but also deliver it in good time. You have to be sure what you settle for is a service that does not falter on your deadline.

Top quality papers

writing materialsYou deserve to get the very best for your essays. It should be the same quality you would do for yourself if you had the time. Get a guarantee that you will be getting nothing but the top quality.

There should be ways in place to ensure that you can demand to get what you have paid for. If you are not satisfied, you should get revisions done in good time. You should not pay a dime until you are satisfied with the paper you get.

Experienced and dedicated writers

You should make sure that the writers at your disposal are topnotch and that they can guarantee the best quality papers. You should do your research on the kind of writers you will be working with. Experience should be something you need to look for.

The kind of writers you will be working with should have worked with your kind of paper before. Do not take it lying that any writer will get a good job done. You have to thoroughly vet them and only settle for the kind of writer you can trust with your work.

Prompt customer service and support

You should not be waiting for hours to get a small problem sorted out. You should get a response on the instant you need help. And customer support should be 24/7 since you could need help any time of the day or night. If you cannot get a guarantee for quick support and friendly customer support, you had a better look for help in another place.

Affordable prices

laptopTop quality and quick turnaround should not be a reason to pay exorbitantly to get your essay and papers done. The prices should be fair and in return get value for every dime you are paying.

As you make your choice for a writing service, you need to be thorough with what you want to be done. Settle for writing service that will give you customized papers, which will not only make you shine but will also be at your convenience. Now you know what kind of writing services you should be using.…


The relevance of refresher courses in driving

Driving has become essential for most people. The need to carry out some daily activities with ease is a reason why many buy motor vehicles. From taking kids to school in the morning, going to work and picking them up again, it is cheaper to operate with a personal car than commuting on a daily basis. The urge to own a car is the main reason why you should enroll in a driving course. Learning how to drive is a process. You can easily understand how to operate a vehicle if you have the right exposure. However, one is required to have proper documentation to drive on the roads of a particular country. A valid driving license is an appropriate document needed. To acquire one, you must enroll in a recognized driving school in your area for a particular period to qualify.

Registering for driving lessons  will ensure you get the right training to pass all your tests and get a driving002 license in time. You may also go through this process and acquire the proper documentation for driving but lack the chance to be on wheels because of several reasons. Being in such a situation for a long period may somehow erase the experience and knowledge you gained about driving. Lack of enough driving time may require one to enroll for refresher courses. This is a short course that will update you on the basics you learned in the previous lessons. Here are more reasons why registering for a refresher course in driving is essential.


Driving confidence

The lack of driving exposure may take away all your confidence on the road. You may lack the courage to steer that wheel because of the kind of mistakes you see yourself committing. It is essential to sign up for a refresher course to help regain road confidence. One can brainstorm on some of the basics required on the road during that particular period.


Learning new traffic rules

Traffic rules and regulations might change within a particular period. Operating with the old rules and not observing the new ones may land you in problems because you can be slapped with a hefty fine by the relevant authorities. New technologies that help in traffic control are also being introduced. You should enroll for a refresher course in driving and get yourself acquainted with the new changes.


Reform program

003You might experience an increase in bad habits when it comes to road use. Some of these indiscipline cases may include careless overtaking, overlapping, and defying rules among others. Most of them will land you in trouble and might even lead to dangerous accidents if not monitored. You need to get back to class and remind yourself of some of the basics when it comes to road use and observing traffic rules.…

holding pen

Buying homework paper for less money

If you still wonder why you should buy homework paper at less money, you need to know about the benefits that other students who are already buying them enjoy. Indeed, these writing services have been of great help to students who either lack the ability or do not have the time to write on their own. Various online services offer help with homework, but you need to ensure that the one you are about to pick is the right one.

You may not know about this, especially if it is the first time you are looking for academic writing services. However, you do not have to worry because this article will let you know what happens, and how you can benefits. The process starts when you submit a request for your articles to be written, and a pool of experts work on it based on how fast you need it. Here is what you get.

Plagiarism free papers

typing materialYou already know that plagiarism is not tolerated when it comes to writing college essays and homework papers. If you submit a document that is copied, your school will penalize you. The problem is that most students do not know how to overcome this challenge. There are those that do not even notice it when they plagiarize materials that have already been published. If you go researching but have problems writing a unique copy, do not fret because there are experts that know how to do it correctly.

Free revisions

Once you pay for a paper to be written, you do not have to pay again for revisions. Sometimes, it is common for writers to miss one bit of instructions. Maybe, they just forgot to write your names correctly because they do not know you in person. When you get such minor errors, you do not have to go through the troubles of correcting them. You easily submit a request for revisions, and they will be done for free. However, it is important to point out that with expert writers, these mistakes are hard to come.

Work with experienced academic writers

pen on a paperThere is something about the experience that makes academic writers become the best resource that a college student can ever come. When they have been writing for long, they become masters of their trade, and will always come up with amazing copies whenever they are called upon. These are people who have all the requirements in their head. Things such as referencing and attribution are at their fingertips. Therefore, you can always rest assured that you will get submissions that meet all your requirements.

Another thing that you need to know about online academic writing services is that there is no limit to the time when you can order. It is a system that works 24/7 and therefore, you can always place a request, or receive a submission any time regardless of where you live. With such flexibility, you can never run of options even when you seem to be running out of time with your homework papers.…

Top paying jobs in the gas and oil industry

Are you interested in working in the gas and oil industry? This is one of the most lucrative industries. There has been a sharp increase in the oil production field over the last few decades leading to a shortage of specialized and skilled labour. Unfortunately, this is a demanding field that requires individuals to have specific skills most of which are acquired through experience. Gas and oil professionals are required to follow the revolution, trend as well as the technological breakthroughs in this industry. You can easily get a good job in this field if you are experienced. The following are the main areas that you should consider if you desire a well-paying career in the gas and oil industry.

Drilling engineers/driller/and geoscientists

More gas and oil is being discovered in different parts of the world like in East Africa. Again there is an aggressive exploration of this important mineral due to the high demand. This has greatly increased demand for geoscientists (geophysicists and geologists). These specialists are helpful in the initial stages of oil exploration once oil or gas has been discovered. On the other hand, drillers or drilling engineers are involved in the drilling operations- production and exploration. There is a high shortage of these professionals worldwide.

Subsea engineers/ piping engineers/ completions engineers

All these professionals are involved in deepwater operations (both offshore gas and oil production). Individuals having a deep sea experience have been in high demand due to the increased oil and gas exploration in the sea. Subsea engineers are mainly involved in the design, implementation and marinating tools eqi0pment sand structures used in underwater operations. On the other hand, pipeline engineers are involved in the design and maintaining the subsea pipeline in the offshore fields. Completions or subsurface engineers ensure that production and exploration of both oil and gas are done at the appropriate level from the gas/oil wells.

Marine engineers/specialists

These specialists are very important in this industry. Marine professionals are needed in offshore gas and oil operations where there is a constant use of boats and marine vessels for transportation and supply of crude oil, food, liquefied gas, equipment e.t.c. In addition to that, there are floating vessels used in deep water fields are operated by individuals with specialized skills such as marine professionals. The stability of these vessels should always be maintained on the sea.

Offshore maintenance technicians

They technicians include electrical, instrumentation and mechanical technicians working in production and rig platforms. The demand for these professionals is high globally.




Effective teaching skills

Do you possess the required teaching skills? Just like with the other professionals, there has been a rapid growth and development in the teaching sector. These developments are mainly attributed to the many changes that have taken place in the technological and social sectors. Being updated with these developments is one of the best ways of improving your teaching skills. Modern teachers are required to be more competent than their predecessors. The following are the important teaching skills that will help you in becoming competent.


Teachers who are well prepared have been proven to be very effective in class. Every teacher is required to undergo a formal training to improve his or her skills. The increasing levels of education require teachers to pursue more courses.


In the increasingly multicultural and diverse society, teachers should be capable of managing prejudices that they might be having. Again they should treat all the students fairly without favouring some of them. Again, you should avoid imposing your views on the students. Instead, you should allow them to discuss various topics and decide for themselves.


As a teacher, you should always be committed to your work and the young peoples’ education. Teachers are usually tasked with huge responsibilities that require them to be fully engaged in the teaching profession.


Being organized involves planning in advance. Teachers are required to organize their classes properly by allocating ample time for all the crucial activities. Students can easily differentiate between an organized class and a poorly planned one. Organized teachers are known for putting a lot of effort as they cover the different topics.


Modern teachers should be willing to try new things by being innovative. This will involve integrating the teaching skills as well as ICT tools, education apps, and electronic devices. Modern teachers are supposed to be “early adopters.”


A good teacher should be socially connected. Such a teacher will be in a better position of exploring all the possibilities outside his or her class. Applications such as Twitter can help you in exploring your ideas more deeply by sharing them with other people’s views.


Tech enthusiast

Other than being innovative, a modern teacher should be ready and willing to explore other new technologies. The new ICT solutions should be implemented in the classroom. This means that the modern teachers should embrace the different types of applications to improve the learning environment.


With the advancement in technology, people have been relying on the internet as the greatest source of information. Every teacher is supposed to incorporate this useful resource.








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